Tuesday, November 26, 2013

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Check out the video we made about my Divorce and Family Law Mediation practice, Sawyer Mediation, in San Francisco, before we moved to my new location at 230 California Street, San Francisco, CA.  The video gives some overview of the divorce mediation process and affirmatively addresses answers to some common questions that many people ask.  Sawyer Mediation, Divorce and Family Law Attorney Mediators.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Advantages to Using Mediation for Divorce

It is not uncommon to wonder which path to take in pursuing the completion of your divorce.

Do you try to settle everything with your spouse at the kitchen table and figure out the paperwork on your own? Do you hire a Divorce or Family Law Attorney to set the matter for trial?

Increasingly, people are turning to mediation as their preferred method to complete their divorce. In Mediation, a neutral Mediator helps two people come to an agreement together voluntarily.

There are many Advantages to Using Mediation for your Divorce, not all of which are listed here.

First and foremost, mediation allows parties to avoid the ever-increasing costs of a divorce and/or custody trial.

Common stresses placed on the family by a high-conflict custody litigation may have a negative impact on the children. To the extent that two parents can agree responsibly and amicably about a custody arrangement in mediation, mediation may indeed further the best interests of the children.

Mediating a divorce to completion generally takes less time than a trial because the parties are not beholden to the court's calendar or the lengthy formal process of exchanging information and preparing for a trial. Instead, the parties in mediation exchange all necessary information informally and set meetings according to their own schedules.

With few exceptions, Mediation is confidential and generally allows the parties to avoid filing hurtful and injurious allegations against each other in public court documents.

There are many more advantages to mediation, and I encourage you to check out our webpage dedicated to Mediation Advantages at www.sawyermediation.com/WhyMediate.html.

Speak with Sawyer Mediation's Divorce and Family Law Attorney Mediators, Larissa Chernock or Chris Sawyer to hear why mediation may be better for you than pursing traditional Divorce Attorney representation in Court: 415-420-9590.

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Thursday, November 21, 2013